Have You Decided To Live In Murfreesboro TN?

Moving to Murfreesboro TN is a great choice if you are trying to make a decision. It is a growing metropolis city with a great university and southern charm. I definitely have fond memories of living there, and I still have friends that live there as well. I’ll never forget the day we visited a part of the monuments related to the Civil War and wished so badly that we were allowed to jump off the rock quarry. Well, I didn’t wish so badly, but it did sound adventurous.

You get a little bit of everything when you stay in Murfreesboro. It has a college city atmosphere when you are in the main area, and then you have outlying rural areas and suburban communities. Since the businesses cater to the college students, there is quite an upbeat vibe in the atmosphere. If you prefer to live in the country, there are plenty of places to choose from, and you are still only a moment away from going right back into the city.

You are close to Nashville, and you know that means even more fun during your off time. I moved away from Murfreesboro in 2003, and so you can imagine quite a lot has changed there since then. I think you will like the school choices, and the university is exemplary. You have all kinds of great restaurants to choose from there, too.

You are certainly going to like the type of Mexican food that is served up in restaurants there. I have an affinity for a gas station that serves up great chicken as well. If you want to see what the property listings look like, go for it because you will enjoy yourself. This is a central location in Tennessee that you have chosen, and it has quite a lot of the best the state has to offer.