How to do Negotiation With Landlords

Many landlords and renters play tug of war while negotiating the rent, sometimes the landlord succeeds and other times luck favors the tenants. Some tenants believe that they can pressurize the landlord by threatening them that they would leave the place if the rent is increased, but this tact sometimes backfires , so the tenants are advised to avoid this approach.

If you have been a good tenant, then for sure the landlord would cut you some slack and increase the rent entirely depends on your past behavior. If you have paid your rent on time and have been nice to the landlord, then the chances are that you would be rewarded on your good behavior. So it is advised that you pay your rent on time, as this is the only thing that impresses the landlord. Landlords of Murfreesboro apartments look for the tenants that would stay for a long time, so if you do a long term contract, you would for sure get a discount on the rent. This does not mean that you would later run away, as the lease contract clearly states the outcomes of such an action, and they would not be good for you.

Another tactic is to pay few months rent in advance. This would help you gain the confidence of landlord, which would later on help you in getting some discount. If you have room in your apartment, you can ask the landlord to allow you to share space with someone, for this referral you can ask for some discount in the rent. This is a give and takes the situation, and if the landlord is giving you discount in the rent, then he for sure would ask something in return, so always keep something up your sleeve. If you have a vehicle and the parking of the building is not free then you can ask the landlord that you would help him found some other tenants and in return your parking fee must be reduced. So these re the few options through which you can get the discount on the rent.

If you are moving into the apartment and going for the negotiation on rent, then you must keep few things in mind. Do not highlight the bad things that you have observed in the apartment, this would not help you at all; in fact the landlord would be angry at you if you come up with these sort of things. Try to play smartly and offer him something that would be difficult for him to him to refuse. Such as a bunch of referrals, tell him that a bunch of your friends are looking for a place and you would refer this building t them, in return ask him to give you some discount on the rent.