Stop In For A Meal At These Murfreesboro TN Restaurants

If you find yourself traveling through Murfreesboro TN or have the chance to do so, please do. You will enjoy yourself, even if it is just to stop somewhere and eat and of course visit the old Dodge’s Chicken Convenience store on Broad Street. I suggest stopping by Middle Tennessee State University, too, and checking out the football field on the North side of the campus. But while you’re doing all of that and more, let me tell you about a few restaurants you can visit while in Murfreesboro TN, too.

The Green Dragon Public House sounds like a really cool place right off the bat, doesn’t it? It is located on West Main Street, and the restaurant serves up a great cheese plate, roast beef, pastrami and quite a few great menu items according to the highlights. They also have delicious soups, great appetizers and more, as well as beer and a fun atmosphere for all.

Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint also sounds about right for Murfreesboro and really intriguing. Beers and burgers await at this restaurant on North Maple Street. Now, get a load of one of their special treats according to the menu highlights, fried Oreos. That sounds rather delicious if you ask me. By the way, the Shocker Burger comes with jalapenos, too.

The last restaurant I’m going to take you to in Murfreesboro is called Old Chicago. It is found on Old Fort Parkway, a road with a ton of other restaurants, including a chain favorite of mine, Cracker Barrel. While I will always prefer New York style pizza over Chicago style pizza, I will say that Chicago style pizza is of course great pizza, too. I like any kind of pizza. Enjoy those three great restaurants while you make a stop in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.