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時間:2023-04-03 09:15:21 藹媚 英語作文 我要投稿




  校園的春天英語作文 篇1

  When spring comes, what will become of the campus? Lets go and have a look!

  The big trees on both sides of the playground quietly sent out one by one green young leaves, the most eye-catching is the poplar tree, which is the biggest tree in the campus! Every spring when its finished growing leaves, the branches are covered with clusters of white catkins like cotton. Its fun! Some students put the white catkins into a box, maybe they want to make something.

  The birds in the trees are flying in the air, chirping as if to tell people "spring is here, spring is here!" The grass that sleeps all winter near the root of the tree comes out of the ground and is growing in a hurry. It seems that Im afraid I wont be the first! The flowers in the flower bed grow green leaves after the drizzle and send out light fragrance. These flowers, plants and trees look like a colorful carpet from a distance, adding a little green to the campus.

  In front of the tree is the colorful Olympic wall, on which are the introduction and pictures of Jingjing, Beibei, Yingying, Nini and Huanhuan. Among them, I like the little antelope Yingying best! Because it represents good wishes. There are also some athletes on the Olympic wall!

  How beautiful spring is on campus! Those flowers, plants and trees add vitality to the campus. As long as you carefully observe the campus in spring, there will be interesting discoveries. Lets welcome the beautiful spring!

  校園的春天英語作文 篇2

  The South Campus in spring is really beautiful.

  Walk on the wide playground. Everywhere are the lively figures and laughter of the children. We are like birds out of the cage, chasing after each other and playing games.

  Looking around the playground, the neat street trees look very lush in the spring, especially dazzling green. A gust of spring wind blows, the fresh green seems to nod as people salute, as if to tell everyone, "the plan of a year is spring, don't bear the infinite spring light".

  The old teaching building in front of the playground is like a weather beaten old man. In the bright sunshine, he looks lively. Through the tall building door, you can enter the teaching building. There are more than 30 classes, laboratories and teaching offices in this building. A class, the classroom will be heard the teacher's cadence of explanation, students Lang Lang reading sound. After school, it's very quiet here. Only the light in the teacher's office is still on. It seems to be racing with spring! Banners and slogans can be seen everywhere in the corridor, like talking teachers, reminding us to be civilized students and study hard.

  Coming out of the teaching building, you will notice six big blackboards inlaid in front of you, learning from Lei Feng, greeting the Olympic Games, planting trees and loving trees, and spreading the breath of March. These are blackboards that we copied in our spare time after school.

  After enjoying the blackboard newspaper, once you turn around, you will find two flower beds under your feet. Although the flowers are not yet open, but come closer, you will find brand-new leaves green and green. It seems that you just opened your eyes for a winter's sleep and looked at all the teachers and students in the campus curiously. I think if there is a spring rain, flower beds will be colorful and fragrant.

  This is the campus of spring. In such a campus, I will live up to this wonderful spring light, study hard, and become a pillar of the motherland in the future.

  校園的春天英語作文 篇3

  Winter has gone quietly, and the spring we are looking forward to has come slowly. I think the campus in spring is also beautiful!

  The campus in spring is very beautiful. The spring is warm and the flowers are blooming. From time to time, children's laughter came from afar in the campus. The bird also flapped its beautiful wings to come to the campus, and the grass sleeping under the mother of the big tree also raised its head curiously from time to time to see the scenery outside. Dashu's mother has also grown new hair, and the children are talking about what they are talking about with laughter on campus. The hundred year old willow trees growing with us in the West also have a new appearance.

  Who came to the campus with fragrance? Oh It turned out to be a beautiful and lovely flower. It's to let us spring come and don't forget it. Hee! Hee! How can we forget you! 1,2,3,4…… Too many, red, yellow, blue, pink, purple Ah! Too many, we can't count from beginning to end!

  Wind girl also came to our campus, blowing warm on our face.

  Dingling - Dingling - class is over, the campus becomes quiet in spring. The trees did not shake, the birds did not call, only heard the students read aloud.

  Spring is so beautiful, I believe summer, autumn and winter will be so beautiful!

  I like the spring on campus!

  校園的春天英語作文 篇4

  When I was doing extracurricular activities, I walked and walked. I saw peach blossoms, pink and pink, like a beautiful butterfly, dancing in the wind!

  Go and go, I saw the willow sprouting, tender, green, like a woodpecker's mouth, catching worms for Grandpa willow.

  Go, go, I see the grass turning green, like a pair of big eyes, look here and there in a moment

  Oh, spring is coming to campus.

  校園的春天英語作文 篇5

  Spring has come in every corner of the earth were full of spring.

  Campus full of the glad Lu like. Willow willow out of the thin top decorated clean the yellowish leaves; grass aroma with a drilling mud out in bunches A host nice green flowers are also stretched played a yawn unearthed a small head; children all took off their heavy winter clothes put on another bright light both spring; the birds flew out from the house singing sweet songs tell us: Spring is coming !

  Spring is really here in the pond the fields in the sky glow with vitality everywhere. Nature's beauty has become rich together. A clear day warm in the sun on the body soft spring breeze brush his face both warm and comfortable: the rainy day bursts of spring thunder exploding from time to time both thrilling and exciting.

  Spring scenery is so beautiful spring the mood even more beautiful. Rickets an entire winter backs straight and cheerful smile full of hope. Parks and lively up photography of young people old people fishing catching insects children one by one intoxicated in the arms of nature linger.

  Spring people are more busy. As the saying goes: at the spring. You see in the city's streets was busy shuttling back and forth to figure rural land the farmers are sown the seeds of hope. The walls of the classroom close to the new semester curriculum books and new books there are a lot of knowledge of many waiting for us to pick fruit.

  I love spring I like to smell the fragrance of flowers to see the new green trees and hear the singing of small Ukrainian. I love spring because it is full of vigor full of new hope!

  校園的春天英語作文 篇6

  The campus in spring is like a beautiful park, where we bathe in sunshine and thrive.

  What a beautiful view on campus! The high teaching building is like a mighty giant, standing in the middle of the campus. There are green trees, green lawn and red flowers around the teaching building. It's so beautiful!

  We play happy games on campus. Some children play one, two, three, some look back, some lose their handkerchiefs.

  I like the campus in spring because it brings us joy.

  校園的春天英語作文 篇7

  Spring comes at last. Everything begins to grow. The trees turn green and the flowers come out. On the playground in the fields on each side of the road the young grass grows everywhere.

  Spring also arrives in our school. Come and see behind our teaching building there are some small pear trees covered with white flowers; on both sides of it there are some other flowers smiling at you Some are yellow some are red. In our school garden more flowers are there. All kinds of flowers of many colours can be seen.

  Look there are some Kites flying in the sky. The spring wind is blowing. The sun is shining brightly. Some boys are playing games in the sun Listen a group of girls are singing "Where£s spring?" It sounds like the singing of lark birds. All these make me think that spring is here spring is there and spring is just in our school. Fhe boys and the girls are all like flowers in spring.

  What a beautiful season! }tow lovely the children are!

  校園的春天英語作文 篇8

  In spring,our school becomes more beautiful. In our school garden, there are flowers smiling at you. There some are yellow,and red flowers.The trees turn green.They look so beautiful in green clothes.The sun is shining so brightly.

  Some boys are playing game in the sun.You can also hear a group of girls sing songs, about the spring .All these make me think that spring is here and spring is just in our school.

  校園的春天英語作文 篇9

  Our campus is very beautiful. There is a big botanical garden in the campus. There are all kinds of flowers, trees and a frog!

  The campus is very big. It's very tired to run for one lap. But when we have PE class, the teacher also let us run for two laps. It's too tired!

  On Monday, all the students will have a morning meeting here, the bright red flag will be raised, and we will sing the national anthem!

  校園的春天英語作文 篇10

  Adults often said, when they were small, white clouds in the sky, like cotton, the river clear can see fish swim in, chicken, pork, sweet taste is which, and we live in the new era, hear but always earthquake, nuclear, or clenbuterol, ripening, again so I really don't want to earth are destroyed.

  I am a student, the future depends on our generation to achieve, and I think shoulders the burden is heavy, I don't have a sense of magic to change all this, but I want to put in my school do something beneficial to environmental protection about, caution to other children, I hope everyone to join the team to environmental protection.

  First, go to school in the morning I will eat breakfast at home, try not to eat in the store, thereby saving the disposable chopsticks and plastic bags, also won't increase campus garbage. In school, it doesn't rain or road not far from the case, I won't let adults drive, and choose to walk, so get some exercise and saves gas.

  In school, I don't pick flowers, don't step on the grass, don't talk loudly, do not make noise, the bathroom, I'll sites off the tap in time, not disorderly open classroom light during the day. And I finished the homework, I will take home to parents for scrap. What I do is small, but the ancients said: "it is a sin to steal a pin, you are the good small and not as".

  I believe that as long as the students can have a sense of ownership, starts from me, starts from the minor matter, so our campus, our earth will become more and more beautiful.

  校園的春天英語作文 篇11

  I am in primary school now, and I like my campus so much. The first time I walk in the school, I am attracted by its beautiful scenery. There are so many green trees and colorful flowers around. The environment here is so lively.

  So many students do the sports in the playground. The comfortable environment makes me study in good mood.

  校園的春天英語作文 篇12

  Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! It's my honor totell you about the changes of my school.

  When you walk around our school, you can see various flowersand trees everywhere. At the same time, you can smell the taste, breathe freshair. It's a nice place for us to study.

  Please look at the new building over there. It's ourlibrary that was painted white again this year. It not only looks morebeautiful, but also has increasingly more books than before. Reading differentkinds of books can enhance our horizons and increase our knowledge. I stillremember I entered the school two years ago, the library was old enough and Ialways couldn't find my favorite comic books. Therefore, I often complained tomy classmates that the library was out of fashion that we were not able tolearn fresh knowledge in it.

  What was even worse, as a member of school basketballteam, my partners and I had few chances to practice, as the playground was toosmall to play andfull of so many students after school. Luckily, I don't haveto worry about that anymore, because our playground is large enough for all ofus to play games, and basketball court is also bigger. That's wonderful!

  My school has changed a lot, for it is more beautifuland modern. I love my school.

  校園的春天英語作文 篇13

  Our campus is at the foot of Xianhua mountain. As soon as you enter the campus, you can see a big pool, in which there are beautiful water lilies, pink, white, red...... There is also a stone statue in the middle of the pool. There are goldfish in the pool, red and black. It's beautiful to swim freely in the water.

  Walking through the pool, we can see our teaching building, which is full of reading sound. Walking through the teaching building is the playground. There is a 300 meter track on the playground. Every day, in the physical education class, the teacher will take us to the track for three laps. There is also a small playground in the school. The teacher will take us to play games in the playground.

  How beautiful our campus is!

  校園的春天英語作文 篇14

  Our ShanShan elementary school is green all year round, spring and summer, autumn or winter, green always with every corner of the campus.

  In the spring, our campus is a vibrant green everywhere. Greening, camphor tree, Holly, buttonwood... Grow with new leaves, in the spring breeze swaying slightly, like countless small hand to say hello to you.

  In summer, the campus green thicker. In the teaching building of jasmine, locust tree in the garden, the willow tree, waving their green branches, is like a green skirt gauze dancing girls. Dense wisteria and honeysuckle vine covered the whole flower shelf, lush flowers and plants to dress up a green garden maze.

  In autumn, autumn wind blew a lot of leaves, but our campus is a piece of green, even if winter comes, we are still full of green campus. The Holly, camphor, osmanthus tree, pine and cypress trees... Resists the snow, because their leaves with a layer of bright wax, more green gleamed in the sunlight.

  Our campus are spring, summer, autumn and winter green, even our ground is also made of pieces of green petals cement brick paved. Green full of vitality and green, brought us hope, I love our green campus.

  校園的春天英語作文 篇15

  Our campus is a beautiful big garden.

  A into school, I smell a scent, walked to, they might see the tall building. In the sunshine, the trees along the gate appears spirit, their heads held high, like appered as majestic sentinel grassland.

  Then walks into went to the playground in our school, also is the most beautiful place. The end of the class, the students play happily on the playground and happily game, the playground permeated with classmates perennial doors joyful laughter.

  Walk on will see three tall pine trees, they seem so have spirit. They are the patron saint of campus, perennial wears a green dress, silently for our services, they are like our friends in the sun as accompany us grow up happy together.

  Pine trees in front of the building is beautiful, building with a layer after layer bright red paint. In the sunshine, paint shining, like a giant gems. Whenever class, academic building will spread of lang lang DouShuSheng, very loud and clear, very neat. Bugs don't call, birds and butterflies don't fly. The trees don't shake, as if by DouShuSheng infatuated with classmates.

  Building on the sides of the wall is beautiful. Top painting with a beautiful big forests, the forest has many lively and lovely pupil, some holding the bag, some playing, they must play, because they are extremely happy, everybody's face hangs sweet smile.

  Beautiful campus, I love you, you make me full of joy, let my childhood more colorful.

  校園的春天英語作文 篇16

  My campus is the most unforgettable place in my whole life, miss my mother similar, I love you, great campus.

  My campus front door has the name of mother school on the door with a southern exposure, in the sun flickering give out light.Again go toward in is a center road, the both sides contain many flowers, beauty pole! It is a toilet in the southeast.At southwest Cape of is a dining room.Agreeable center road's going toward is a teaching building before.The five-starred red flag flaunts aweather before the building in the teaching.The empress of the building is a dormitory.This is the layout of my campus.

  In this campus has been concerning my teacher.They are very kind.When I have difficult, they give courage to me, I thank them very much.

  校園的春天英語作文 篇17

  Sky blue white clouds, the wind light warm sunshine. White leaves, green grass, dedicated to the beautiful green campus. When we are doing their own thing, ever imagined that one day we will lose the beautiful campus?

  "Recess, when you are in the hallway, with students on the playground to chat, play, see the paper scraps, don"t be afraid of ugly, bent down to pick them up, nobody will laugh at you mind their own business. I"m green, my beautiful! When you see someone on the wall the scri le book, practice painting, should be stopped. Because you want to environmental protection. The campus, is so fascinating, because it is deep in the perceptual and rational thought, let the young heart from naive to mature. The campus, is really want to stay, because it gives each student memories of the vast space, how many heart lost in the wind and rain to find yourself in the twilight. Green campus, students from the holy land, green grass, tree flower, wood on all of us students mutual care, will often in the awaken of spring. So, we need to protect the environment, to create a beautiful campus.

  The green campus is beautiful. But she taught us, the more is the enlightenment of the mind, the mold of thought and the cultivation of the inner temperament. When spring quietly but go to, all things recovery, full of vitality in the trees. A day after the end of the course, the campus into our happy amusement park. Badminton, basketball, table tennis... .. All corners of the land have classmates laughing sound...

  "The school is our home, we are the master of the school, construction by us. Let us start from the intravenous drip, take good care of the campus environment, self-restraint, mutual inspection, clear the status of their environmental protection work in school. The school green need you, need me, need we all work together."

  校園的春天英語作文 篇18

  Entered the school, first see is our playground, the playground of our wide and big, do morning exercises is we hold activities or to do good. On both sides of the playground a few up to and forceful elm.

  Standing in the middle of the playground, look ahead, first see is the five-star red flag, with the blood of thousands of casualties is followed by a small garden, garden from there are all kinds of words, and also sends out a fragrance of flowers. The front of the garden is the science building. Is the principal place, also is the school teacher's meeting places and our computer room.

  Look at the left is 2-3 preschool classroom. Followed by first grade classroom, look to the right, is a new teaching building, also is my classroom, I have places to spend outside of the classroom. There was a TV in the classroom, a blackboard, there are many desk, bench, behind is our students to the board.

  I love my campus, because it gives me joy and knowledge.












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