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時間:2022-10-17 13:23:22 英語作文 我要投稿




春節英語作文 篇1

  The Spring Festival is a lot of fun, like the stars in the sky are innumerable, one of the most interesting to the number of “ cross brazier ”.

  “ &rdquo cross brazier is our custom home. It is the first &ldquo on the thirty night; cross brazier ” end to eat family reunion dinner. This is what adults and children like. It's fun and exciting! However, this custom has a rule that girls can't span.

  To tell you a little secret: as long as I can remember, the annual &ldquo ” cross brazier are; my father holding my own cross, because I dare not cross, afraid of fire will burn my pants. This is the first time I “ cross brazier ” felt very excited.

  On the thirty night, grandma got ready “ cross brazier things, ” she respectfully in the censer and put incense point, with red paper, gold paper wrapped To Shibarei outside the gate, lit until the fire, she let Grandpa and dad and me by my points across the pile flame. Grandpa and dad are cross over, it's my turn, my heart was afraid, hesitated, from beside the flame across the past, the whole family will laugh and said: “ progress, baby grow up, will cross brazier, across time, must be from across the middle. ” when I heard their encouragement, I was full of confidence. The second time I bravely walked across the burning flame from the middle, mom and dad clapped and cheered: “ great! &rdquo, Grandpa and grandma read loudly: "&ldquo"; they come in and get rich every year; go out, worry and worry; cross the East and the five grains do not eat; cross the west, money and silver roll. ” we finished the brazier, Granny put a string of firecrackers into the brazier, immediately came a burst of crack, then, my grandmother also rushed to &ldquo ” cross brazier; ashes did not put out the scoop collected, Tim in the stove, she said this is called “ Wang Tim &rdquo a symbol of family business is more prosperous.

  I just think “ cross brazier is especially interesting, do not know ” its significance. Later my mother told me, this is also called the brazier ” “, a symbol of the old evil burn, disaster after shipment, ushered in the new year, the most favorable auspices. Does this interesting custom hold the good wishes of the people in their hometown to look forward to the happy and good luck of the coming year?

  Every thought of this interesting “ cross brazier &rdquo my heart; is particularly excited, very excited, looking forward to coming next time.

春節英語作文 篇2

  I stood at the window, overlooking the wide street downstairs. High red lanterns on the streets, five colored flags fluttered in the wind, the motorcar is in array, two words: lively.

  The new year is coming, people fall over each other to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival. The store is crowded with customers, some for children or old people, and others for their own choice. In a few moments, the new style and unique style of clothes were snapped out.

  The supermarket is a sea of people. The shoppers were lined with long lines, carrying small bags. The supermarket added a few more cash machines, but it was still not enough. The cashier to help out. The salesman kept up the goods in the container.

  The food market, it is packed, everyone wants in on New Year's Eve festival. The peddlers did not miss the good opportunity to raise the price. For example, pork is usually 13 yuan a kilogram, now it rises to 22 yuan, and mustard usually costs 1.5 yuan per kilogram, now it rises to 4 yuan. Lobster usually costs 10 yuan at a time, now it rises to 15 yuan, though, it still keeps on buying.

  There are many customs in Spring Festival in China. One of them is the Spring Festival couplets. Everyone picks up Spring Festival couplets on the streets. After picking up and selecting carefully, they choose their satisfied Spring Festival couplets and paste them home. Families with festive couplets, in order to bless the family can have good luck in the new year.

  In addition to wearing new clothes, children are most happy to receive red envelopes. Every year you can receive a considerable amount of money to use it to buy what you like, and you say children are unhappy.

  The new year is really busy!

春節英語作文 篇3

  Chinese New Year! Chinese New Year! I hope the stars, the moon, I finally look forward to the New Year, the New Year old people bring happiness to us, we all smile.

  As night fell, the earth was shrouded in darkness. In the dark sky, a few small stars, like naughty little children, blinked their eyes and watched the happy scenes of family reunion. Tonight is New Year's eve, every house is decorated with lights and lights. The streets, the firecrackers.

  In the evening, we gathered around the table and began to eat. After a while, the delicious dishes are served successively, with steamed fish and braised pork chops... It's really mouth-watering. Family reunion, surrounded by the table to eat the family reunion dinner, the feelings of the heart is really indescribable. We enjoy the good food and the happy atmosphere.

  After dinner, a few of us were eager to set off firecrackers. Immediately, we were surrounded by fireworks. Fireworks are colorful and colorful, and the night sky is decorated with a beautiful garden. Some are like the flowers of the sky, clusters of clusters of groups rushing into the sky, and slowly falling down; Some are like the autumn chrysanthemum, the moon season, thousands of red, strange, some like the meteor, suddenly fly into the sky, suddenly disappear in the sky... The earth and sky burst into a boiling pot. The various kinds of happy sounds, like the sound of a symphony in the sky, beautiful.

  The next day, we carry bags of small bags, every family to visit the New Year, and send an auspicious word: wish you a happy New Year! Bless you and me.

  Chinese New Year! My pocket is full of lucky money, how happy I am!

  Chinese New Year! I am one year older, and I have gained a lot of knowledge. I should be more sensible and obedient.

  I love the New Year, this Spring Festival I really happy ah!

春節英語作文 篇4

  In China, Spring Festival is the biggest day. People will come back home and enjoy spending some time with their families. So no matter how far they are, they will figure out all the ways to come back home and get reunited. The house cleaning work before the coming of this big day always brings me the happy memory.

  We can find something lost a long time ago in the corner. It is like the surprise and makes me feel so excited. On the New Year’s Eve, all of my families will sit together and enjoy the real big meal. We share our happiness and the future expectation. What a nice moment.

春節英語作文 篇5

  The happy spring festival spring festival is on the first day of the first lunar month.chinese people most like the spring festival.during spring festival,Chinese people like having meals with their families,playing fireworks in the open air.my sisters and iplayed fireworks on that day.

  We had many fireworks.they were very beautiful.they were running into the sky and breaking into pieces.they looked like flowers in the sky.We were very happy and excited.After that,I made awish.I hope that,we can have ahappy and healthy life next year and everyone in my family can be happy.I enjoy the festival very happy!



春節英語作文 篇6

  My mother drove us to grandma's house for the Spring Festival holiday.

  A few days before the Spring Festival, the street here, buy and sell things a lot more than usual and I asked my grandma why, grandma said: right away to celebrate the Spring Festival, everybody to want to do some shopping, have a HeHeMeiMei New Year.

  Look forward, four days, three days, two days, a day.

  The Spring Festival is here! In the night, one after another, the fireworks flew up into the sky like a rocket, and the feathers, like peacocks, disappeared in the air. I was so happy to see the beautiful flower of the festival.

  After watching the fireworks, they began to eat dumplings, and a dish of delicious dumplings was brought to the table, steaming hot and hot, as if to say, "come and eat us!"

  Eat dumplings, the family turn on the TV watching the Spring Festival gala, that after the magic and acrobatics so wonderful and amazing, let me very envy, I thought: "I also want to seriously learn skills, also want to on the Spring Festival gala, bring homes festival happiness."

  Spring Festival, you are each of our happy smiling faces, is the most expected festival of our Chinese nation.

春節英語作文 篇7

  It was the Eve of the Spring Festival.

  Dusk was just falling as I slurped up the last bit of rice and laid down my chopsticks.

  “They're starting!” cried my friend excitedly. “Quick! Quick!”

  Outside, children were running everywhere. Their happy voices and faces made me warm inside, despite the cold wind that greeted me. My friend thrust a bundle of straw in my hands. “Come!” he cried. I giggled as I ran to catch up to him; the children's excitement was a fever that spread to even the big kids like us.

  I soon joined a rowdy bunch of children and teenagers who were building a bonfire in the middle of a path that ran through the wheat fields. “Here,”said my friend, handing me a long bamboo pole. “Put some of your straw in the fire. Then tie the rest onto your pole like this.” He demonstrated with his own materials, and I followed his example. Then he thrust both our torches into the fire and handed me mine. “Now run!”

  And run I did----we all did. For miles and miles around, as far as I could see, there were small orange specks scattered about, and I could hear the distant screaming and laughing of other children running up and down the rice field path. For several hours into the night I helped build fires and keep an eye on the younger children. Occasionally I, too, lit a torch and ran around like a mad man, screaming and waving a flaming bamboo pole.

  This festival, which occurred six days before Chinese New Year, was just one of the experiences during the visit to my friends over the Spring Festival. As it was explained to me, the purpose behind this festival was to allow the children to have fun burning up all the straw leftover after the harvest. Later, the ash is used for fertilizer.








春節英語作文 篇8

  The Spring Festival, people said she was used a new day; Some people say that she is another step in social advancement; Some people say that she is the symbol of revenue in the door. But we know this group of naughty boys, it is quietly comes the sound of footsteps.

  Spring Festival days, no matter how naughty naughty children do, also not blame the adults, in this a few harmonious happy days, they also have no reason to destroy atmosphere! This is also one of the reason we love Spring Festival. So, we this group of naughty boy always gather together, to walk on the street, buy some "double-barrelled gun", "red spider" firecrackers and a few little things, such as a joke. Sometimes, we can leave a gap will nest in advance, will be lighted firecrackers threw it into the henhouse, before long, we can hear the screams of chicken. Or, we will secretly behind the timid girl, pretend to diffuse towards the timid girl inadvertently lost several firecrackers, and the timid girl crying while running scene really ridiculous.













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