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時間:2021-04-01 14:55:42 英語作文 我要投稿





  Reading is beautiful, reading is happy. In this semester, you must have read a lot of books! I also read a lot of books. Some of these books bring me sadness, some bring me happiness, and some bring me infinite hope What I introduce here is that reading brings me happiness.

  Reading brings me happiness. When I read, I always have interest and happiness. Every time I read, I will fluctuate with the mood of the characters in the book. Its like walking. When you read the gloomy place, you will walk carefully; when you read the happy place, you will walk happily and stride; when you read the sad place, you will walk silently with your head down. When I read an article, my heart seemed to return to the incomparable joy and joy of childhood. Its full of good hopes in my heart.

  Reading brings me happiness. Every time I read an interesting place, I will annotate it at any time. When I meet a child I dont know, I will look it up in the dictionary at any time. I will read the sentences I am interested in over and over again. All this! I always think they can bring me knowledge and make me very happy.

  I think reading is such a pleasure. When I finish reading a book, I always feel happy. Annotate, look up the dictionary, experience and reverie repeatedly Books really make me very happy, there is an infinite interest to take me to the future.


  I like reading very much. Whenever I read, I feel like a hungry man on the bread, and feel satisfied and happy.

  Books often bring me a lot of happiness. For example, my mother and I often laugh when we watch brain tease. What it gives me is not only a joke, but also makes us think. For example, my mother and I will play the game of idiom Jielong when we watch idiom story, and we will learn a lot of idioms in the process of playing. I also like reading books about historical figures. My favorite historical figure is Yue Fei, the great hero. He wrote "Manjianghong" which I recited when I was reading.

  Every time I read a book, I will copy the good words and sentences I like. Add these good words and sentences to your composition to make it more beautiful. At the same time, it can also make me more knowledgeable, which makes me more happy.

  Reading can bring me knowledge, swimming in the ocean of knowledge, I am very happy. So what does the book bring you? I think its also happy! Lets all fall in love with reading!


  I like reading very much, especially reading a lot of extracurricular books. Because reading can give you a lot of knowledge and extra-curricular information, but also gradually accumulate a lot of wonderful sentences and beautiful words, which will be very helpful to your study.

  Among all kinds of books, like many lovely children, I have a special preference for fairy tales, such as Greens fairy tales, Andersens fairy tales, Aesops fables, etc Because every time I read a fairy tale, I feel like the little hero in that beautiful story, and I will feel extremely happy and happy, but also full of justice and fantasy.

  My favorite fairy tale book is "the Grimm fairy tales" written by the Grimm brothers in Germany. Through their rich imagination, the Grimm brothers bring us a beautiful fairy tale, and each fascinating story will tell us a common and easy to understand truth. Make me believe that "good is rewarded with good, and evil with evil". We should be honest and kind-hearted, and we should also be a person who has not only the beauty of appearance, but also the beauty of mind, because the beauty of mind is the real beauty.

  I believe that as I grow older, the habit of reading will continue, and the scope of reading will be more and more extensive. I will always be happy to fly in the world of books.


  At present, only a few students read after class. Here are several reasons: First, some students are so busy that the don’t have time to do reading due to teachers leaving them too much homework. Second, some students are not likely to read at all. Because they spend too much time in watching TV, searching the Internet and playing games. Finally, as the whole society do not attach importance to reading, parents do not urge students to read.

  I feel it’s a pity that students do not read as much as before since books are the main resource of knowledge. Books also can take us to where we can’t really go, can help us experience the things we can’t really see. In addition, when you feel upset or irritable, reading is a good way to comfort yourself or make you calm down. I suggest that no matter how busy you are, you should spend some time in reading. Once you stict to it, you’ll get benefits.


  Some people say that reading is not good. Reading is a kind of burden, reading is locked in a tight without ventilation cages, reading as if to accept the devil training, you were dead, reading is very painful, it is the people on the lethal poison. This is just the illiterate, but I think the benefits of reading. I think the book is the ladder of human progress, is the human silent teacher, books are our friends, the book is nutrition of pills, books are food for the soul, the book let us into a heaven, there is a heaven. Reading is a kind of beautiful enjoyment. Reading, let you like into the wonderland, let your life more colorful childhood reading, cultivate your sentiments, relieve fatigue, you forget your trouble, reading is colorful sauces. Rather than call me elapsed time in playing, call me to book the ocean.

  When I dont understand, I saw a book like hell, but as time goes by, I grow up, I know what is the real enjoyment, I learned to enjoy the pleasure of reading.

  Read volumes, such as writing. Reading can not only enjoy pleasure, but there is a lot of help to you. Books to read, write up the article, also is like flowing, speaks also of being, is not very good?

  Reading let me add a lot of fun, I also learned to enjoy the pleasure of reading. Golden house in my childhood, there are always two words "reading". First learn to read, only know how to enjoy the pleasure of reading. Only reading, your life to be meaningful, and your life will blossom out the light, you also dont waste this life!


  For many years, Benjamin Quarles seminal account of the participation of African Americans in the American Revolution has remained the standard work in the field. According to Quarles, the outcome of this conflict was mixed for African American slaves who enlisted in Britains fight against its rebellious American colonies in return for the promise of freedom: the British treacherously resold many into slavery in the West Indies , while others obtained freedom in Canada and Africa. Building on Quarles analysis of the latter group, Sylvia Frey studied the former slaves who emigrated to British colonies in Canada. According to Frey, these refugeesthe most successful of the African American Revolutionary War participantsviewed themselves as the ideological heirs of the American Revolution. Frey sees this inheritances reflected in their demands for the same rights that the American revolutionaries had demanded from the British: land ownership, limits to arbitrary authority and burdensome taxes, and freedom of religion.

  According to the passage, which of the following is true about the African American Revolutionary War participants who settled in Canada after the American Revolution?

  Although they were politically unaligned with either side, they identified more with British ideology than with American ideology.

  While they were not immediately betrayed by the British, they ultimately suffered the same fate as did African American Revolutionary War participants who were resold into slavery in the West Indies.


  The Value of Reading Books People often say that gold and silver are the most valuable things in the world.But I dont think so.In my opinion, to read books is more valuable than anything else.

  The old saying"To open a book is always helpful"clearly shows us how good it is to read a book.Books are our friends.

  They introduce us different kinds of knowledge.They lead us down the road to success.Books are our teachers.They teach us truth, science, literature, and philosophy of life, besides they increase our knowledge, enlarge our experience, strengthen our character and do many other things which we can not do without them.We have to learn as long as we live.But our life is limited, and the knowledge is boundless.

  There are many things which are very necessary to learn and there are also many which should be avoided.Books tell us what is good and what is evil.And only books can tell the good from the bad.Therefore to read more books is the best policy for our young students.


  Reading is an interesting and useful thing.You can read a novel or a poem.Whatever you read,your view can be widened,because books are full of knowledge that are interesting and useful.Maybe someting in the books are boring,dont worry,the more deeply you study,the more curious you are.It needs time and your strong heart.

  Im also interested in reading.In my free time,I always reading some English novels.Not only can you have a good view,but also you can improve your English.Although it is a little difficult to understand the unclear words,you can guess the meanings of the word.Little by little,your reading comprehension must be improved.

  Reading owns the magic power,you should try it.


  I like reading very much because reading is the ladder of human progress. What’s more, reading brings us not only endless fun but also opportunities.

  There are many available books for us to choose from, like history books, science books, literary books and so no. But what interests me most in history books---over the long course of history, the Chinese nation has witnessed changes of dynasties, transfers of governments, and foreign powers in modern history. This makes me realize the great responsibility of the development of the motherland. Therefore, we should study hard for the rise of the Chinese.

  I sincerely hope that everyone can absorb more nutrients and cultivate a more noble character through reading.


  Reading is playing an important part in my daily life.Reading can make us enjoy our life.Reading has numerous advantages.Reading helps us to work engeretically.

  There are a varity of books for us to choose from,like history books,science books,literary books and so on.I like history books very much.First of all,reading books can widen my knowledge of customs,cultures and life styles of different places and countries.Seondly,I can make friends through reading more books.I can share my opinion with my new friends who like reading history books too.Finally,reading is the best way of pastime.

  In a word,we can benefit a lot from reading.It is worth spending the time reading books.


  Reading plays an important part in my daily life.It not only help me relaxed,but also beong great benefit to help me know the characters in the book!

  In my spare time,I like reading the literary books,they are the lovest books that I have read. The reason why I love to read them is the literary books make me curious,I can copy the great sentence and learn much knowledge from it so that it can improve my writting skills.Another reason is that literary books give me a fresh feeling,it can help me relaxed and it is a good choice to waste time in the free time.

  Reading always attracts us to a new area,isnt it?


  Reading is very important in our daily life. We can get knowledge by reading a lot of good books. It can not only open our eyes but also make us clever and happy. Our study can be improved if we read more important books. Reading also helps us grow up better.

  However, many activities take up much of our reading time, such as listening to music, watching TV and surfing the Internet. What a pity! So I would like to suggest that everyone should borrow more books and read good books. It will be very helpful to us!

  Let’s start reading now!


  Reading is my favorite hobby.I can never stop the love for reading because books are likewise teachers as well as good friends in my life.As we know,books are the source of knowledge.I benefit a great from reading.

  There are a variety of books for us to choose from,like history books,science books,literary books and so on.But what interests me most is literary books,especially those by famous writers.For one thing,they hope to improve my writing skills and broaden my horizon.For another,they can enrich my life and provide me with great fun.

  Isn’t it a pleasure to have great calm in mind while you are reading?


  Reading Good Books

  Devote some of your leisure, I repeat, to cultivating a love of reading good books. Fortunate indeed are those who contrive to make themselves genuine book-lovers. For book- lovers have some noteworthy advantages over other people. They need never know lonely hours so long as they have books around them, and the better the books the more delightful the company. From good books, moreover, they draw much besides entertainment. They gain mental food such as few companions can supply. Even while resting from their labors they are, through the books they read, equipping themselves to perform those labors more efficiently. This albeit~ they may not be deliberately reading to improve their mind. All unconsciously the ideas they derive from the printed pages are stored up, to be worked over by the imagination for their future profit.


  I have many hobbies,such as reading,skating,and watching TV.But reading is my favorite hobby.

  I like reading for three reasons.First of all,books introduce me to a new world,which is colourful and without time and space limit,Through reading,I can trace back.to ancient Egypt,the cradle of human civilization.It can bring myself to the United states,a glamorous land I have been longing to visit.Secondly,reading can better myself by showing me a new horizon.In the past years,most of my knowledge has been obtained from books.I have learned from many people by reading about their ideas on scithee,politics,life and society.Thirdly,reading bridge the gap between my dream and my goal.In ordcr to succeed in my career in the future,I must keep reading,thinking and practising.

  Reading has become part of my life.Every day,I spend some time reading books,newspapcrs and magazines.At night,I can hardly go to steep without a novel in my hand.













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