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時間:2022-10-14 09:25:47 英語作文 我要投稿




  話題英語作文 篇1

  I have a health bd, because I have a health lifestle.I exercise ever da, usuall when I ce he fr schl.M eating habits are prett gd.I tr t eat a lt f vegetables.I eat fruit and drin il ever da.But I never drin cffee, because sas, it is t bad fr health.I lve un fd, t.But I eat it nl nce a wee.I sleep nine hurs ever night.Gd fd and gd rest can help e t stud better! And health lifestle helps e get gd grades!

  話題英語作文 篇2

  The cartoon aims at informing us of the significance of making plans. Definitely, no once can deny the importance of it. Making plan will enable us to achieve our objectives more smoothly and realize their dreams more rapidly. The more detailed plan we make , the more likely we are to make full use of time, enhance our work efficiency make full preparation in advance for unexpected cases. To further demonstrate the importance of making plans, I would like to take CEO as a case in point, how could a CEO, the head and decision-maker of a corporation , deal with all sorts of complicated things smoothly if he fails to draw up a detailed plan for routine work ?


  Accordingly, on no account should we overlook the power of plans. Furthermore, we should draw up detailed plans before we start to do anything and do things as planned . ““He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” A famous philosopher also once said.


  話題英語作文 篇3

  Afrer a whole day's hard studing, I fell very tierd and want to go out to play football for fan. But my teachers always say that it takes too much time and can make us away from studing.So they usually don't let us play football. While teachers reject it, we still want to have a play. I think the playing after school can be a redressal and make our bodies healthier. At the same time, temperate exercise won't tamper with our studies. According to that, I think playing football after school have more advantages than disadvantages.

  話題英語作文 篇4

  There is no doubt that traffic congestion becomes a growing worry for the residents of most urban areas. Some major roads are regularly choked with traffic in rush hours. The limited transport capacity contributes largely to the vexing problem. How to solve the headache?.

  The existing solutions to traffic jam mainly aim at creating metro bus systems and broadening major roads. Widening the existing roads can solve traffic snarls on some level. Soaring car ownership compounds the chronic annoying problem, so we must sharply reduce the heavy reliance on cars and drive a shift to the mass transportation. It is a cheap and good way. We can create a system of customized bus routes and highlight the development of subways, trolleys and light rail. The effective combination of these solutions will enable the urban areas to possess a smooth traffic.

  話題英語作文 篇5

  This picture is really thought provoking. As is vividly shown in the above picture, a book is lying above the grass and beautiful flowers. Beside it, there is a topic thatsays:“reading”. There is no denying that the picture implies that reading is of utmost importance to us.

  Considering every aspect of it, we may attribute its significance to three factors. First of all, reading can broaden our horizon, widen our knowledge and eich our experience. Besides, reading is to success what water is to a fish. It can put us in a favorable position in the job market. Last but not least, if all of us are willing to read more and extensively, our society will be more progressive and prosperous.

  From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw a conclusion that reading is indispensable in our daily life. Therefore, the mass media, such as television, Internet and radio, should try best to propaganda and advocate it. As for ourselves, we should take practical actions to enhance our awareness of reading. Then, we have every reason to be convinced that we can have a bright future and a beautiful world.

  話題英語作文 篇6

  Nowadays,there is no doubt that Korean soap operas arouse great interest among people around us, especially some girl students. Many persons argue that watching

  Korean operas is relaxing and touching, while others hold that we should not spend a lot of time in addicting ourselves in such TV plays. 如今,韓劇很熱。很多人覺得看韓劇很放松很感動,一些人則認為不該沉溺于追劇。

  Some individuals consider that watching such soap operas should be understood and encouraged. For one thing, many girls often think that the chief actors are very handsome, rich, brave and even sexy, such as Lee Min Ho in "The Heirs" and Kim SooHyun in "You Who Came From the Star". For another,some young audience long for pure and romantic love, which is unrealistic but precious in real life. They got excited and felt awesome when Do Min Joon Xi savedand fell in love with Cheon Song Yi in episode 8.

  一些人認為看韓劇應被理解支持。 一方面,女孩子們喜歡男主角帥富大長腿勇敢還性感,比如《繼》里的李敏鎬和《星》里的金秀賢。 另一方面,年輕觀眾憧憬劇中浪漫純潔的愛情,但這在現實生活中是不切實際卻又那么彌足珍貴的。他們看到第八集都敏俊xi救下千頌伊并相愛時,感覺開心爆了。

  In spite of this, quite a few people firmly believe that Korean soap operas are ridiculous and simplistic, in other words, they deem that watching such TV plays is a waste of time and youth.Such people feel that the characters, who were born rich and handsome, are dreamed up and can not be found in real society,so they feel that it is meaningless and even naive to watch the soap operas.


  Taking into all these featuresmentioned above, we can draw a conclusion that Korean soap operas have bothpositive and negative effects just as a coin has two sides. From my ownperspective, we can watch them and find the TVcharacters we like, but we have to keep our own identity and tradition. 我們可以看韓劇,找到喜歡的角色,但是我們必須保持自己民族的特點和傳統。

  話題英語作文 篇7

  Let me say something about the picture.

  There are two tall trees in it. Under the tree there is a long chair. And there is an old man reading about swimming. Near the old man, there is a boy painting. I think he loves painting very much. Next to the painting boy, there are two boys playing football. They are happy. But the football is in the river. Near the river, there are three children fishing. They go fishing about twice a week and they always go to the People's Park. They like fishing. In the river, there is clear water and some fish swimming in it. The sky is clear, the sun is shining brightly, the weather is warm. There are two birds flying in the sky, they are happy. Wow, that is a fun picture!

  Dear friends, can you draw the picture?

  話題英語作文 篇8

  What's friends? Do you have friends? I have many friends, so I always feel happy. In the morning, some of my friends will go to school with me. We often talk and laugh on the way to school. Sometimes we will stop to buy some snacks, school things and other stuff. When I am in school, I always study with friends. When I have something confusion, I will ask them to help. So do they. We help each other. After class, we play together, and go to the shop to buy snacks. They accompany me, so do I. I think this is friends.


  話題英語作文 篇9

  If we want to keep our bodies healthy we must have a good habit. We should get up and go to bed early and sleep at least eight hours every day. Do more exercise such as walking swimming playing balls and so on. We should also eat healthy food——more fruit and vegetables and less meat. If you don't feel well you'd better see a doctor at once. And we should wash our hands before meals and drink enough boiled water every day. It's necessary for our health.

  We should not throw litter about keep long fingernails and smoke etc. It's also very important.




  話題英語作文 篇10

  When I am making mistakes, my parents will never be angry with me. I am so thankful to them for they are so tolerant with me.

  I learn many things from my parents, they show me how to be a tolerant person. They will not blame me for the small mistake that I make, instead, they will educate me in the gentle way. Unlike some parents who are strict to their kids, they will be very angry and said the hurting words, making the children feel sad.

  Being tolerant to other people's mistakes is the best way to solve the problem. People will appreciate the kind act and make things goes on the easy way.





  話題英語作文 篇11

  There are four seasons in a year, and I hate winter the most. In my hometown, we don't have heating system to get warmed, so indoor just as cold as outdoor. The icy wind is blowing on your face and you just feel like you would become a Popsicle. Getting out of bed just become harder and harder as the temperature drops lower. What's worse, when you try to write your homework, you just can't feel your hands anymore because of the cold weather. I really envy the people who live in the north for they can stay inside to enjoy the heat, just like living in the spring. Oh, how I wish the winter can pass quickly!


  話題英語作文 篇12

  Low-carbon life is good for everyone.

  To help with the environment, I always walk or ride a bike to school instead of taking a car. Besides, I will try to use things that can be recycled and I never forget to turn off the lights when I leave the classroom. I think it's my duty to live a low-carbon life. And even the simplest activities can make a real difference to the environment. So I suggest we should reuse books as long as possible. And we'd better not spend much money on expensive clothes.

  If everyone does something for the environment, I believe the earth will be a better place.





  話題英語作文 篇13

  Our society worships talent, and many people assume that possessing superior intelligence or ability—along with confidence in that ability—is a recipe for learning language very well.

  The students who held a fixed mind-set, however, were concerned about looking smart with little regard for learning. They had negative views of effort, believing that having to work hard at something was a sign of low ability. They thought that a person with talent or intelligence did not need to work hard to do well. they have talent ,so they learn language faster and better .

  In my opinion, a man who has talent for learning language can learn better and faster if he pay attention to the leatning for language.It can make a very importent role.it is important of learn.

  話題英語作文 篇14

  Recently, to improve the students' listening and speakingabilities, the English teacher in Class 3 conducted a survey amongthe whole class on whether they should have a three-minute speechin English at the beginning of a period. According to the survey,65% of the students firmly support the idea, for they think thismethod will be helpful to their English learning and it is a goodchance for them to practise their listening ability as well asspeaking ability. However, 35% of the students are strongly againstit, saying that it costs the limited time in class. What's worse,if they can not make sense of the speeches, they will loseconfidence in learning English. As for me, I think it is a goodidea to have a three minutes' speech at the beginning of a periodbecause I believe practice makes perfect.

  話題英語作文 篇15

  Internet is now coming into our life. It brings us not only a lot of convenience ,happiness but also troubles. Some students use Internet as a too to study. They look up the meanings of the words,a translated form of a sentence,the background of an event or a story ,the information of a company or a famous person,etc. They also read news or sende—mails through it. Internet helps them learn more and study well.

  On the other hand,some students play games,chat with friends ,see the pictures or films even the unhealthy ones on the Internet the whole day. They are not interested in their subjects. It's very dangerous for them!

  The Internet's advantages and disadvantages are shown clearly to us. I think we should make good use of it and stay awayfromthe unhealthy websites.

  話題英語作文 篇16

  Every time when we feel stress, others will ask us to be relaxed. And we all know that relax is good for us to make things successful. I think maybe it is because people can gain enough energy and clearing their mind after relaxing. But relaxing doesn't means indulging. Some people may suffer pain when they are trying to make something done, but when they stop to relax, they feel happy for avoiding the difficulty. And then they may indulge in the relax life resist to think. It is not good for them. For example, a student is tired from study. He can recover after several minutes'computer games. But if he is addicted in it, he will ruin his study. Thus, when relaxing, people need to pay attention to the problem of degree. Do not step over the line.

  話題英語作文 篇17

  These days.my parents and i have talking about whether i should study abroad.I fully understand the parents to send me abroad for my goodBut I really do not want to leave home, and I think their standard of spoken language is not enough, I also know that study abroad is very expensive, and now is just a waste of money to go abroadMom and Dad just do not understand why I was thinking it? No matter how I say that they ignore me. They say that these are an excuse to go abroad to foreign language will naturally increase, where they also can be given to more friends, what is badThey said I was a person living abroad can enhance their ability to live independently is conducive to their own development. Also said that the children study in foreign countries have a future. How can I do? Who can helap me?

  話題英語作文 篇18

  I'd like to tell you something about my childhood. When I was six years old, I was a lovely girl!

  One day, my father saw some fish in the river, so he asked me, “Why can fish only live in water?” I thought about it, then I gave him the answer, “Because there are some cats on the bank.” My father laughed when he heard that. Then he said, “You are smart!” I was happy to hear that.

  Maybe you will say, “It's a funny answer.” Now, I think, it is very interesting. And now I am smart. My parents love me very much. I am so happy to have that childhood.




  話題英語作文 篇19

  Now in the country areas, there are many children out of school. I think one of the reasons is that their families are too poor to afford their school. As a result, they have to stay at home to make money to keep their families. Another reason is that many parents think it useless for the girls to study and they would not like them to go to school. A third reason is that some children are not interested in their lessons, and would not like to go to school.

  In my opinion all the children including the girls should have the chance to receive education. All the people should pay attention to the education of the children who will play a very important part in the future of our country.

  話題英語作文 篇20

  Every school has its own rules for students. Firstly, we need to wear school uniforms every day. Wearing school uniforms can let others know which school we are in easily. Secondly, we should listen to teachers carefully in class. It can make us much easier to improve the study skills.

  We have an hour of homework every day. There is a big library with lots of useful books. We can read books there. During lunchtime, we should eat lunch without saying any words. After lunch, we can have a great time chatting with each other.

  I think school rules are very important for us.





  話題英語作文 篇21

  They will want to move one got crowded, with two vehicles to drive side-by-side Qi, refused to give the results can only be caused to vehicle traffic should not avoid each other. This car, motorcycles, electric cars, bicycles, especially, because of their small size and ease of action, in the carts to move the case should not they play to their strengths, moving the shuttle back and forth, seize every moment of pause carts to brave rushed over, anyway, it would take a big start-up time and did not dare to hit up. Thus, in front of a bicycle to wear later, will be followed by another behind a bicycle, in their minds that there is only one mind: as long as the car passed me, I had this person, as to how you want on how block block, with I had nothing to do, and even more powerful blocking you as possible, and I can watch the.

  話題英語作文 篇22

  Some people think that smoking makes them look cool and helps them relax. I don't agree. In my opinion, not only is smoking harmful for people's health, but it also makes people look bad.

  First of all, as everyone knows, cigarettes contain nicotine. If you smoke lots of cigarettes, the nicotine in them will hurt different parts of your body and make you sick. The worst thing is that people also get addicted to nicotine. Once you start smoking, it's very hard to give up. Also, smoking gives you yellow fingers, yellow teeth and bad breath. No one would think that is cool in any way. Besides, cigarettes cost a lot of money, which could be otherwise spent on more useful things, like books, clothes or CDs.

  As you can see, smoking does nothing good for us. I hope more and more people will realize this and try their best not to smoke.

  話題英語作文 篇23

  I'm very excited about the coming summer vacation. And I've made some plans about where to go. I love places that have beautiful views and nice weather. So first of all, I'm going to Jiuzhaigou, which is said to be a beautiful place with lots of fantastic lakes and friendly villagers. Besides, it's cool in summer. I've seen many photos of the place and they make me believe this is my dream vacation spot. I'm sure I'll have a great time there with my family. Then I'd love to go to Chengdu for a visit, too. Chengdu is famous for its delicious spicy food, which also happens to be my favourite. Also, Chengdu has some places of interest, like Dufucaotang and Wuhouci, and it is not far away from Jiuzhaigou. What do you think of my plans?

  話題英語作文 篇24

  It is generally believed that there is a good supply of fresh water. But to our disappointment, the fact is just the opposite.

  As we can see, the world population is growing rapidly day by day. So enough fresh water is needed to feed such a big population. What's more, with the development of industry, factories and vehicles produce poisonous gases or wastes, which consequently results in the pollution of water. Though fresh, a good amount of it can no longer be used. Only quite limited fresh water resource is available to human beings.

  So it's high time for us human beings to take quick action to protect water resource. Stop pollution and save water, otherwise, we cannot survive on the earth.With fresh water, the world will be prosperous.













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