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時間:2021-03-15 14:38:02 英語作文 我要投稿




目標英語作文 篇1


  There are three kinds of goals: short-term, mediumterm and long-term goals.

  Short-term goals are those that usually deal with current activities, which we can apply on a daily basis. Such goals can be achieved in a week or less, or two weeks, or possiblymonths. It should be remembered that just as a building is no stronger than its foundation, our long-term goals cannot amount to very much without the achievement of solid short-term goals. Upon completing our short-term goals, we should date the occasion and then add new shortterm goals that will build on those that have been completed.

  The medium-term goals build on the foundation of the short-term goals. They might deal with just one term of school or the entire school year, or they could even extend for several years. Any time you move a step at a time, you should never allow yourself to become discouraged or overwhelmed. As you complete each step, you will enforce the belief in your ability to grow and succeed. And as your list of completion dates grow, your motivation and desire will increase.

  Long-term goals may be related to our dreams of the future. They might cover five years or more. Life is not a static thing. We should never allow a long-term goal to limit us or our course of action.






目標英語作文 篇2


  What will the life be like in 20 years from now? Well, I think it will be more relaxing. Do you know why? Because we will have robots in our homes. As you know, robots are very useful and they can help with the housework. What’s more, if you want to go somewhere for holidays, your robot can take you there. And they can help do the unpleasant work. So you can see, how great the life in 20 years will be.


  What will the life be like in the future? Well, we will have more free time, because there will be robots in our homes. And they will be able to do the most work for us. As for me, I will be a math teacher in the future because I like math best. I will work in a middle school. So how am I going to do that? Oh, I am going to study math hard, and then I am sure my dream will come true.

  Dear Tom,

  I got my report card today. I got an A

  in Chinese, math, science and history. What did my Chinese teacher say? Well, he said I was good at writing, and I needed to work harder and got better grades. I need to be more careful in math. My science teacher said I am very clever and I could do better in it. As for my history, my history teacher said I needed to read more stories books besides my text book. What’s more, I got a B in physics; I think I can do better next time. The worst was from English I got a C, my English teacher said I should listen more and speak more. Can you give me more advice on my English?

  Write soon!


  Li Hua

  4. Dear students,

  We will have an English Party this Friday. It will start at 7 o’clock and finishes at 9 o’clock in the evening. It is in the school meeting room. There are some rules I should tell you. First, you shouldn’t bring food or drinks. If you do, the teacher won’t let you in. And don’t leave during the party. Also, you can’t bring friends from other schools. If you do, the teacher will ask them to leave. What’s more, you shouldn’t wear jeans. At last, don’t forget to bring your ID card, if you don’t, you have to leave.

  Thank you!

  Student Union


  Our class is going to have a party on the morning of April 30. At 8 o’clock am, we’ll begin to talk about what we are going to be when we grow up. And we’ll talk about how we are going to spend our May Day. We will sing and dance at 9

  o’clock. Also, we are going to put on short plays. Then we will play party games together. From 10:00 to 11:00, we are going to clean the classroom; next we will repair the desks. What’s more, we are also going to clean the windows. At 11:00, the party will be over. What a happy day we are going to have!


  Life in the future will be different. It will be much easier than it is now. Students won’t go to school, because they will study on computers at home. Also people will have more vacations, we may even fly to the moon for vacation. However, it will also have many problems. Like there will be more and more population and pollution. So what should we do now? On the one hand, we are supposed to use cars less, we should ride our bikes more. On the other hand, we are supposed to plant more trees. Because trees are our friends. It can make the air much cleaner. If we do like these, our world will be better and



  Hello, everyone. My name is Tom, do you want to know what my hobby is? Well, collecting stamps is my favorite. I am interested in it a lot. I have been collecting stamps since I was 12 years old. And I have 500 of them so far. So you can see, I have so many stamps. I have run out of boxes to store them. However, the more I collect them, the happier I will be. By the way, what’s your hobby, can you tell me?

  8. Dear Da Ming,

  I am very glad to write to you. I heard that you argued with your father. So I am really worried about you. As you know computers are very useful, we can do many things with them. We can get a lot of information with them. At the same time they are also bad to us. Using computers too much is bad for your health and study. It’s known to all that every coin has two sides. Your father wants you to be a good

  student. So you are supposed to understand each other. What’s more, you should say sorry to him. In a word, as a middle school student, you must know how to use computers in a right way.

  Best wishes.




  Dear Gao Yang,

  I think it is too early to say whether your friendship is over or not. I think, you should say sorry to him. Maybe you hurt him too much. And you should write a letter to him, tell him what you think of it. What’s more, you are supposed to buy a small gift for him. It is useful to do it. If you do it, he will be very happy. In a word, your friendship is not over, and you can be good friends again! Just do it, anything is possible!

  Good luck!




  I went to the museum last weekend. I had really a great time there. There were a lot of interesting things to watch. However, I also found some students who were very impolite. They dropped litter and spoke loudly. So I said to them,“Would you mind not dropping litter?”And they stopped dropping litter and kept down their voice. Also I said to the students who cut the line,“Would you mind not cutting the line?”After hearing my words, they stopped it at once.

  I think we are supposed to obey the rules in public.


  Hamsters are popular pets. People like them because they are quiet and clean. They are cheaper than rabbits or cats. And they are also very small, so they are easy to take care of. They make the best pets. However, life with a hamster is not always perfect. They sleep all day. What’s more, they are sometimes noisy at nights. So,

  why don’t you keep a hamster as your pet? 12.

  It’s known to all that English is very popular in the world. Do you know how to study English well? Listening to English songs is really a good way to study English. And, why don’t you watch some English movies? It is useful for your English. Also, I found reading English books is important for us. So if you have time, you should read as many English books as possible. What’s more, why not make friends with a native speaker of English? It can make you make great progress in your English.

  In a word, if you work hard enough, there are many best ways of studying English. 13.

  Dear Mary,

  I know you work really hard, but you always don’t get good grades. You always sleep in class. So you miss a lot of important things in study. And you spend much time doing your homework at night. As a result, you don’t have enough sleep

  every day

  In my opinion, why don’t you listen to the teacher carefully in class? It is important for you to take notes in class. Also, you are supposed to go to bed early at night. I hope you can make great progress soon.

  Good luck!




  I want to be a tour guide, because I like traveling all over the world. Especially travel in some English-speaking countries. So you can see, I have to study English well first. I have studied English for 4 years. Watching English movies is really fun. And it is important for our English study. In order to make my dream come true, I have to study English hard now. I am sure it is my excellent English that I become a tour guide one day.


  Mei Fang has been to an amusement park in Guangzhou. She didn’t enjoy it because there were too many people there. And there were too many people everywhere. Also, things in the amusement park were really expensive. What’s more, some people there were not very polite. They just dropped litter as they liked. It was because of those that she didn’t enjoy there.


  Have you ever been to Ninghai? It’s really a good place to have fun. It’s known to all that Ninghai is the hometown of seafood. If you like eating seafood, you can come here, I am sure, and you will enjoy yourself. Also, it is famous for some beautiful places of interest. Such as Lianghuang mountain, Wushan and so on. People in Ninghai are very friendly, if you come to Ninghai, you will have a great time here! Welcome to Ninghai!


  Have you ever been to Disneyland in China? It’s known to all that the first Disneyland in China was opened on thSeptember 12 in 20xx in Hong Kong. You can see Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in the Disneyland. So what can you do there? If you are interested in Disney movies, you can watch them in the Disneyland. And, when you are hungry, you can try food there. They are really delicious. Also, you can buy some Disney gifts for your friends or parents. What’s more, it’s fun to take a ride on the boat. In a word, if you come to the Disneyland, you’ll have a good time! Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland!


  Dear Editor,

  I am a student in Grade Three. We have made a survey—“To whom you go when in trouble”. Here are the results. Most students will go to their classmates or friends when in trouble. Because they

  are of the same age. And they can communicate and understand each other easily. On the other hand, some students think they may tell their teachers or parents. As you know, they have rich experience. Also, they love students very much. What’s more, they are trusted by students. In my opinion, when I am in trouble I will try my best to solve the problem by myself. It’s known to all that god helps those who help themselves!

  Yours sincerely, Li Ping


  Dear Miss Zhang,

  The teachers’ Day is coming. I want

  to say “Thank you” for your teaching.

  We all like your classes very much.

  You are kind and strict with us. You always make your classes easy for us. And you make it easy to study English. What’s more, you often tell interesting stories, teach us English songs and play games

  with us. We are all interested in English. With your help, we all make great progress. Thank you for your hard working. Happy teachers’ Day!


  Li Lan


  I’d like to tell you something about the out-of-class activities in our school. We usually have activities from 4:30 to 5:30 pm. We have many activities. Some students are interested in sports. They can play basketball, football and ping-pong. We also have some interest groups, such as drawing, dancing and singing. What’s more, computer is also very popular in our school. As for the English Corner, you can join it on Monday and Wednesday afternoon.

  Those activities make it happy to study at school. However, we hope to spend more time on out-of-class activities and less time on our homework.


  Dear Jeff,

  Welcome to Ningbo. Ningbo is a beautiful city. It’s also a wonderful place to have fun. You can go to the Art Museum. What can you do there? Well, you can see a stamp show. And if you want to climb the hill or go boating, then you should go to the Children’s Palace. What’s more, the Younger Zoo is really famous in China; you can see the monkeys, tigers and other animals there, they are very lovely. In a word, if you come to Ningbo, you will enjoy yourself!




  I’m interested in the job as a writer. My name is Ellen. I am 14 years old. I like sports very much. Playing volleyball is my favorite. And I often listen to music. You can see I am really strong. Also, I love my life. What’s more, I am good at writing and getting on well with others. I think I

  am helpful to others. In a word I like to be writer a lot.

  I’m looking forward to receiving your letter.

  Yours sincerely, Ellen


  My English Learning

  Do you want to know something about my English learning? I am not good at my English. I can only remember some new words. And my favorite activities are writing and pair work. However, listening and grammar are the most difficult part in English learning.


  These days, our class had a discussion whether we should take part in the social activities on summer vacations. Most students think if we take part in it, we can learn more knowledge. Also, we can learn to make a living and relax ourselves. What’s more, we can also make a lot of friends. However, some students are not

  interested in it. They think there are too few activities. At the same time they have little time to do their homework. As for me, I think we should take part in it because it is good for us to open up our eyes to the outside world.


  First, we should save water and electricity. Also, we shouldn’t drop litter everywhere; it is bad for the environment. And, planting more trees is good for our environment; it can make the air cleaner. What’s more, we shouldn’t use plastic bags every day. It can make our environment dirtier.

  In a word, we should be friendly to the environment.

  Also, you should read English books, I think it can helps you a lot. And it’s known to all that watching English-language TV is a good way to learn English. Practicing English with your friends isn’t a bad way. In a word, if you try your best to learn English, you will get good grades in English.

  Best wishes!


  I am sorry that your English is not very good. Now I’d like to give you some good ideas about studying English. First of all, you should be interested in English. It is really important. And singing English songs is also helpful. What’s more, it is good for you to keep an English diary every day.

  In a word, if you try your best to

  study English, you will get good grades in English.

  26. I have changed a lot. I used to chat with my grandparents, but now, I have nobody to chat with. Because my parents are really busy. As for breakfast, I used to have bread and milk; however, I am used to eating noodles and eggs. It makes me stronger. What’s more, I am not interested in ball games, and I like playing basketball very much. Please write soon.

  Best wishes!

  27. help teach in primary schools, I agree with it. Because it’s good for us to practice ourselves. And I don’t agree that we are allowed to write for a newspaper, because we are really busy now, if we do that, we will concentrate more on it than on our studies. What’s more, going to help the old people is a good experience for us, as you know, old people needs help and love.

  As a good student we should behave well. First of all, we should always be on time and be polite to others. Also, being honest and fair is really important. And we should be friendly to others and be helpful to other people. What’s more, it is necessary for us to obey the traffic rules. Don’t make noise in public places. Dropping litter everywhere is not allowed.


  I was not good at English 2 years ago. I always failed the English tests. However, I have changed a lot. Do you know how I got over it? Well, first of all, I never gave up, and I made a decision to study English. I asked my classmates who are good at English for help. Also, I worked really hard to get good grades in English. What’s more, reading aloud to the teachers and classmates also helped a lot.

  In a word, believe yourself and you will win one day.

  Well, to be a good child, I should study hard at school. Also, I should get along well with my classmates. And, if I have free time, I should help my parents with housework as much as possible, because they are really busy every day. What’s more, I should be polite to them and talk to them often. As a student, I should study harder and get good grades to thank them. In a word, do remember love our parents and love our family!


  I found a white watch in the classroom today. I pick it up. I thought it might be Lin Tao’s, because he has a white watch. However, he said it wasn’t his watch. And he thought it must belong to Li Lei, for its color is the same as Li Lei’s. Finally, we gave it to Li Lei, he thanked us a lot. We were really happy!


  Dear Kitty,

  How is it going these days? I am really sad these days. Do you know why? I can’t go out on schooldays’ nights, it is very dangerous. And, I am not allowed to meet my friends after school. Also, I have to take many classes on weekends, such as drawing lessons, piano lessons and, math lessons. So I am very tired. What’s more, I can’t make my own decisions.

  In a word, I am not happy, can you give me some advice?

  Best wishes!




  Now, I am a student in Grade Nine. Things have changed a lot. I used to have lots of free time, but now I am busy with my homework. Doing homework is really boring! Also, I used to hang out with my friends and went shopping. What’s more, I often played computer games and stayed

  up late at nights. However, I can’t do that any more, I have to work hard and try my best to get good grades. In general, I am much busier than before.

  In a word, I am busy but happy!


  I’d like to go to a beautiful place. I think it would be Paris. If I went there, I could do a lot of things. I would visit the Eiffel Tower; it is famous in the world. And I would also go to the Notre Dame Cathedral. What’s more, though Paris is quite an expensive place, I would buy some wine for my father, for it is really cheap there. In general, Paris is a place that you can enjoy yourself. I can’t wait to go there!


  Yesterday we had a discussion about if we should keep animals in zoos. People’s ideas are not same. 20 students thought we should keep animals in zoos. So we can see all kinds of animals there. Also, if they

  are kept in zoos, we can take good care of them. On the other hand, if they are kept in the cages, they will have no freedom. And animals like living in the nature. As for me, we shouldn’t keep them in zoos. If we were them, we would not be very happy.

  In a word, let’s love the animals and love the nature.


  Dear Miss Green,

  I know you want to go to Hainan

  Island to spend your summer holidays. Let me tell you something about Hainan Island. Hainan Island is in southern China. There are a lot of things you can do in Hainan. You can go fishing, go swimming, go diving and sailing. You can enjoy the beautiful sights there.

  The weather is much hotter in Hainan

  Island, so what do you need to take with you? Well, you need to a pair of sunglasses, an umbrella, a sun hat and camera with you.

  In a word, if you go to Hainan Island,

  I am sure you will have a great time!


  Zhang Ming


  I went to Mount Tai with my friends during the National Holiday. Do you want to know something about Mount Tai? It’s known to all that Mount Tai is in Tai’an in Shandong Province, which is regarded as one of the Five Sacred Mountains, and it’s the first of five! The Jade Emperor Peak is the highest point, it is about 1545 meters. And it became a world Natural and Cultural Heritage Site in 1987. What’s more, Mount Tai is famous for its sunrise, and millions of visitors come here for fun.

  In a word, Mount Tai is a good place to enjoy yourself, if you come here, I am sure you will have a great time! Welcome to Mount Tai!


  Sally Brown is a young woman who

  wants to be a professional singer. As a volunteer, she can sing at a local hospital to cheer up sick people. Also, she can sing at schools. But she has run out of money for singing lessons. Then she came up with ideas for making money. She put up signs for singing jobs. Also she called up parents offering singing lessons for children. Now she will be able to continue her lessons. And she will be able to become a professional singer.

  So you can see, what a clever young women Sally is!


  Now, there are a lot of volunteers around us. They volunteer a lot to help other people. So you can see, being a volunteer is great!

  If you are a volunteer, you can donate your time or money to help the homeless or people who have no money. Also, you can help clean our city parks. Though you will be tired, you are happy. What’s more, as a volunteer, you can cheer the sick people who are in the hospital up.

  In general, being a volunteer is great, let’s make the world better and better! Don’t wait, be a volunteer now!


  Jack is a kind boy. He often tries his best to help others in his spare time. He is good at repairing bike, so he always buys old bikes, then he fixes them and gives them away to poor kids. And he usually gives lessons to primary school students because he learns physics well. Also, he sings well, and he goes to Children’s Hospital on Saturday to cheer them up. What’s more, he loves animals a lot. He writes articles to protect animals and raise money for pandas.

  So you can see, Jack is really a good boy!


  Can you tell something about the invention of flying disk? Well, the flying disk was invented by college students. Many college students ate pie at a bakery in Bridgeport, Connecticut. And when they

  finished eating, they threw to each other pie plates for fun in the 1950s. In this way, a new toy which is one of the most popular in the world, flying disk was invented. Today, there are many clubs magazines and festivals about it!

  In general, flying disk is a great invention!


  It is known to all that every family has one or more than one TV at home. As for me, I have a color TV in my home. It was made in China. When was it bought? Oh it was bought 5 years ago. However, it is still very clear. What’s more, it is big. What is it used for? Well, not only can I watch plays, but also I can play games on it.

  But, watching TV too much is bad for our eyes. So we should watch TV as little as possible. Do you agree with me?


  Some of my classmates think exchanging gifts can show love and care to each other. And we can make more friends by exchanging gifts. Also, it can relax ourselves after study. On the other hand, some of them think it is a waste of money and time. And it will have an influence on study.

  In my opinion, we are students and we don’t have much money or time to do that, in this way, we shouldn’t do it. When we grow up, we may do that. This is my opinion, what about yours?


  Welcome to Happy Shopping Center. There are 3 floors here. If you want to change or save money, you can go to the first floor. And, you can buy shoes and watches here too. Because there are many banks, shoes and watch stores. There are a lot of clothes stores on the second floor, so you can buy different kinds of clothes there. What can you do on the third floor?Well, there is a Children’s Corner

  and there are many kinds of delicious food. So you can play games, eat lunch. Taking a good relax is also a good choice.

  In a word, if you come to Happy Shopping Center, you will have a great time!


  Dear Henry,

  I’m glad to know you’ll visit our city and live in my home this weekend. Now let me tell you how to get to my home. Take a taxi from the airport to the People’s Square. Then you can take the No.515 to the Park Road. After that, turn left to the Bingjiang Avenue. Walk straight about 200 meters. The Beautiful Home Neighborhood is on the right of the road. Finally get into the neighborhood, find the No. 2 building and take the elevator to the th12 floor. My home number is 1208.

  If you meet some trouble, you can call me at 13995736688.

  Have a good and safe trip!

  Zhang Yang


  Dear Tony,

  I am really glad that you will visit China next month. Now, let me tell you something about customs in China.

  You are supposed to shake hands when you meet for the first time. And, when you eat with other people, it’s rude for you to stick your chopsticks into the food. In addition, when you attend a party in China, it’s OK if you come a bit late.

  In a word, I hope you will have a good time in China!


  Li Lei


  First, we are supposed to sit around the table when eating. And, there is always a cup, a bowl on a small dish, together with the chopsticks and spoons. When all the people are here, then we start to eat. In addition, the host is supposed to take care of the gusts, inviting them to enjoy the meal. Do remember, we are supposed to eat with chopsticks except the soup, and

  never stick your chopsticks into the food, because it is rude!

  In a word, when you visit China, it is really important for you to know something about table manners in China!

目標英語作文 篇3

  Pete Rose, the famous baseball player, whom I have never met, taught me something so valuable that changed my life. Pete was being interviewed in spring training the year he was about to break Ty Cobb‘s all time hits record. One reporter blurted out, "Pete, you only need 78 hits to break the record. How many at-bats do you think you‘ll need to get the 78 hits?" Without hesitation, Pete just stared at the reporter and very matter-of-factly said, "78." The reporter yelled back, "Ah, come on Pete, you don‘t expect to get 78 hits in 78 at-bats, do you?"Mr. Rose calmly shared his philosophy with the throngs of reporters who were anxiously awaiting his reply to this seemingly boastful claim. "Every time I step up to the plate, I expect to get a hit! If I don‘t expect to get a hit, I have no right to step in the batter‘s box in the first place!" "If I go up hoping to get a hit," he continued, "then I probably don‘t have a prayer of getting a hit. It is positive expectation that has gotten me all of the hits in the first place."

  When I thought about Pete Rose‘s philosophy and how it applied to everyday life, I felt a little embarrassed. As a business person, I was hoping to make my sales quotas. As a father, I was hoping to be a good dad. As a married man, I was hoping to be a good husband. The truth was that I was an adequate salesperson, I was not so bad of a father, and I was an okay husband. I immediately decided that being okay was not enough! I wanted to be a great salesperson, a great father and a great husband. I changed my attitude to one of positive expectation, and the results were amazing. I was fortunate enough to win a few sales trips, I won Coach of the Year in my son‘s baseball league, and I share a loving relationship with my wife, Karen, with whom I expect to be married to for the rest of my life! Thanks, Mr. Rose!


目標英語作文 篇4

  Why do we choose to go to the middle school? Some people say that we can learn many basic knowledge in middle school, while others say that only we go to the middle school can we study further in the university. They both are right, but I think the most important is during the middle school, we can learn to study. Study is a lifelong matter. Going to the school is the basis of study, because it can bring us knowledge as well as give some instructions to study. Compared to the whole life, the years in shcool seem short. If we have the abilities of independent study, we can get learn anytime and anywhere. Therefore, teaching students how to learn is the goal of middle school education.


目標英語作文 篇5

  New semester is coming soon, and I will be a six grade student. I am so excited about the last year of the primary school, so I have made up my mind. I must study hard and improve my English level. I realize master the International language will be useful for me, so I must study it well. I think I can make it.


目標英語作文 篇6

  I’m a strong believer in the power of consistency.Doing something small consistently can make a big difference in the long term.Your goal might seem big like an elephant,but if you take your one step every day you will eventually achieve it.

  The problem,of course,is it’s not easy to be consistent.It’s easier to just follow your mood and do things that you feel like doing.But consistency is essential to achieve big goals so you should learn to put it into practice.

  You need a powerful source of motivation to stay consistent in the long term.Because of that,your goal should be something you believe in,something you really care about.Otherwise you won’t be able to keep at it for months or even years.

  Don’t just wait until you have time.Instead,make the time.I usually allocate a minimum amount of time to work on my goal daily.You may want to take time off on the weekend and some other occasions,but other than that thrive to meet your commitment.

  What’s the use of allocating time if you use most of it to procrastinate?So make sure that you do real work during it.For this purpose,I use a timer.Whenever I stop working in the middle of a session,I stop the timer.Then I restart it when I get back to work.This way I know that I’ve spent the whole allocated time for real work.

  Allocating time for your goal won’t help if it doesn’t take you closer to your goal.A common pitfall is using the time for things that aren’t really necessary.

  To avoid this,always keep your goal in mind and build the desire to achieve it as soon as possible.Setting a tight deadline is a good way to help you stay focused.

目標英語作文 篇7

  1. 樹立目標很重要

  2. 原因是

  3. 如何設立和達到目標

  The Importance of Goal

  There is no denying that setting a goal is very important. We find that successful people are always those having and achieving their goals. They set goals, short-term or long-run, to help realize their visions.

  Why is goal-setting important? By setting goals you are taking control of the tempo of your life. It is having a map to guide you to where you want to head for. With a clear direction, and with certain plans, you will straightly get what you want. On the contrary, without a goal ,you will live a wandering life. You do not know where to go, what you want and why you are listless. Then your life becomes dull and meaningles just like the dead water in a muddy lake.

  From my point of view, goals are not difficult to set and realize. First, you should make clear what you really want, which constitutes your goals. Then you make detailed palans and follow the through, as many winners do.

目標英語作文 篇8

  why is goal-setting important? because goals can help you do and experience every meaningful thing you hope for in life. instead of letting life happen to you, goals allow you to make your life happen.

  successful people have visions of what their life should be and they set lots of goals, both sbort-term and long-range, to help them realize the visions. by setting goals you are taking control of your life. it is like having a map to show where you want to go. a driver with an aim arrives at the destination without any waste of time or wrong turns.

  on the contrary, a driver with no aim drives aimlessly around, never getting anywhere and just using up gas and oil. winners in life set goals and follow through on them. they decide what they want and then get there by making plans and setting goals.

  goals ara not difficult to set and they are not difficult to reach. it is up to you to find out what your goals, ideals and visions really are. with a clear direction, and with certain plans, you will straightly get what you want.

  without a goal, you have to live a passive life. you do not know where to go, what you want and why you are listless. then your life be comes dull and meaningless just like the dead water in a muddy lake.

目標英語作文 篇9

  What would you do if you failed? Many people may choose to give up. However, the surest way to success is to keep your direction and stick to your goal.

  On your way to success, you must keep your direction. It is just like a lamp, guiding you in darkness and helping you overcome obstacles on your way.

  Otherwise, you will easily get lost or hesitate to go ahead. Direction means objectives. You can get nowhere without an objective in life. You can try to write your objective on paper and make some plans to achieve it. In this way, you will know how to arrange your time and to spend your time properly. And you should also have a belief that you are sure to succeed as long as you keep your direction all the time.













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